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Price based on purchase of 125+ gallons.


Frequently Asked Questions
For questions concerning APE service, send an email to
If you have any specific questions related to propane, call the National Alternative Fuels Hotline at (800)-423-IDOE (4363)

Is there a minimum fuel purchase agreement?
For fuel deliveries on a regularly scheduled day, we ask for a minimum purchase of 50 gallons. APE Fuels does require an annual purchase of 125 gallons. This equates to about 10 gallons per month of usage, which is quite low compared to other propane companies. If there are two or more appliances in the home, this requirement can be easily met.

Do I have to buy a propane tank?
APE has the option to buy or lease propane tanks. For prices and details, call us at 520-887-6061

Download NPGA publication #3026, "Facts About Propane," in its entirety as a PDF file for free. Adobe Acrobat is required to view this file, click here to download it.